PON 3256 Fuel NY – Permanent Generator Initiative

Commander Power Systems - permanent back-up generator Fuel NY

Don’t Turn Customers Away After A Storm

Receive Grants Up To 100% Of The Cost To Install A Permanent Backup Generator

Commander Power Systems will work with owners of qualified standalone, multi-location, and franchise gas stations on Long Island to apply for and potentially receive grants up to 100% of the cost to install a permanent Backup Generator from NYSERDA under PON 3256 Fuel NY – Permanent Generator Initiative.

As per the PON 3256 : “SCOPE OF SELECTED GAS STATION PROJECTS, selected projects must:

  • Install a permanently affixed generator as well as any associated necessary electrical or other modifications, including a transfer switch if needed, at the gas station.
  • Maintain the generator to ensure operation over the generator’s lifetime

The Complete Package: Installation, Start-Up, Annual Maintenance, and Standard/Emergency Repairs

Commander Power Systems, along with our brother company Commander Electric has the ability to meet both requirements of the PON 3256 Fuel NY – Permanent Generator Initiative for fuel station owners; installation and ongoing maintenance, regardless how large or small the job.

Don’t Wait/Hope For A Portable Unit

A Permanent Backup Generator Guarantees Your Up-Time

A PERMANENT Emergency Back-up Power Generator is the ONLY way to guarantee up-time after a major storm. A permanent back-up power generator automatically provides power to your business within seconds in the event that there is an interruption in power from your utility provider.

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