Whole Home Generators vs. Partial Home Generators

What is right for you?

Whole Home Generators

  • Provides complete fail-over for all electric of a home
  • Ideal for primary residences and situations that require/desire complete continuous power throughout the entire home

Partial Home Generators

  • Provides fail-over for select circuits (lights, appliances, outlets)
  • Ideal for vacation homes or for critical systems such as elevators, water supply, or life support

Why do we recommend a whole home generators?

The common misconception is that partial home generators have a low cost of ownership and serve the same purpose as whole home generators. The reality is:

  • Partial home generators require additional equipment that require additional annual maintenance and support.
  • What if you want to add another breaker or outlet to the generator next year or the year after? What does that cost? Can it even be added?
  • In the event of a power outage, how long can you live without the outlet in your garage or second bathroom?

Generators are investments that last the life of your home. Don’t purchase a system that only meets the needs of RIGHT NOW!

Benefits Of Whole Home Generators:

Piece of mind

Peace Of Mind

Regardless of what causes a power outage, you are covered 24/7, throughout your entire home.



No more extension cords plugged into power cords, plugged into power strips running all over the house.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Typically sized for ~10% expansion capability, you’re free to add “here and there” to your system (house) without the need to add more capacity to your backup system.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Do you know what you are adding to your home in 3 years? Probably not, but you’re covered. Plus, in most cases a partial home generator setup requires more equipment and more labor on install to select the desired areas of the home to power.