Why do you need a power generator?

Not only are today’s homes equipped with the most sophisticated electronics such as digital appliances, home theater, home office and security systems, but all have the essential critical everyday infrastructure such as heat circulators and refrigerators. All of these power-sensitive devices stop working – and your home shuts down – when the power goes out. A standby power generator is no longer a luxury for Long Island home and business owners, it is a necessity.

An Emergency Residential Power Generator automatically provides power to your home within seconds in the event that there is an interruption in power from your utility provider, and it keeps working until the electric power is fully restored. An Emergency Residential Power Generator not only provides a continuity of life by keeping all (or select parts) of your home running smoothly in a power outage, but also provides a specific return on investment in many ways including:

Reduce Costs During Outages

  • Refrigeration (food loss)
  • Restaurants (5x the cost of cooking at home)
  • Laundry services

Support Critical Infrastructure

  • Hot Water
  • Well Water

Avoid Lost Wages

  • Days out of work

Partial Home Generators vs. Whole Home Generators

Which residential power generator is right for you?

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